Bedroom Collection
By HarlaArts
Design Inspiration: Inspired from the 'paisley', an ornamental textile design motif, this porcelain planter is perfect to add depth and dimension to your existing d├ęcor. Inspired from Traditional Art. This planter comes along with the drain tray. Dim
Fleeting Bliss
Design Inspiration: Fitted with a drain tray, much like a saucer under a tea cup, these planters feature a striped texture, making them look like larger-than-life cupcake moulds! The best Fluted Design Planter in the world. This planter comes along w
Love Bite - With Wooden Stand
The basic pot design which doesn't look extraordinarily beautiful, but when you add beautiful plants and some light, it builds an aura around it and talks for its simplicity. It adds a pinch of Royalty to your space. Dimensions with Wooden Stand: Med
Gleaming Stars with Wooden Stand
Every Contemporary home's basic need. This planter talks about simplicity and minimalism. The mix of Ceramic Planter and wooden stand in this design will add the premium looks to the spaces you love to live. Dimensions: Planter - Dia: 11 Inch, Height
Crimson Sky - With Wooden Stand
Crimson Sky is a simple cylindrical planter with a step in the bottom to lock itself in the wooden stand. The most attractive planter of all. This can be a statement planter in your home. Dimensions: Planter - Dia: 11 Inch, Height: 10 Inch Planter wi
Design Inspiration: Inspired by the sculptural pillars seen in ancient Roman architecture, these planters are accommodated with a simple cylindrical bowl and fluted body for added dimension. Planters for the more professional and dignified spaces. Di
Precious Horcrux
Design Inspiration: This design is inspired from the 'Tabla', a membranophone percussion instrument used in traditional, classic and folk music. The laces with hoops and wooden thongs on the sides of the tabla are crafted into the design of this exce