Harla Arts is a design firm into developing premium porcelain planters for the love towards plants and nature. Our design style made our products suitable for the modern, minimal, and contemporary spaces.


We believe that every object in our surrounding should spark joy in us for the looks of it and for the utility that it serves.


Harla’s Planters are crafted with the finest raw materials that are ethically sourced from the earth. Our products are natural, environment friendly and completely bio-degradable.

Porcelain bodies are harder to work on than regular ceramic, as the green body(unbaked form) is hard. It requires skill and precision to carve a beautiful planter out of this tenacious clay. Our artisans have spent years training with this material before they make a Harla planter.


Each hand crafted planter is then fired in our kiln at over 1250 degrees centigrade. The result is a porcelain planter that is far more durable, sturdy and finer in finish than other ceramic pots.


You may notice minor imperfections on each planter, these are testament not just to the uniqueness of your piece but also to the dedication of our skilled craftsmen for whom fashioning these planters by hand is a labour of love.


Ceramic is a general term that describes any article made of natural clay, mixed in various formulas with water and sometimes organic materials, shaped, decorated, usually glazed, and hardened by heat. 


Ceramics is a broad category that includes earthenware, terracotta, porcelain.

  1. Earthenware: Earthenware is the earliest type of pottery. It is made from either red or white clay baked at low temperature, typically 600-1000°C. It is generally more fragile than other types of pottery.

  2. Terracotta: Terracotta is a type of red earthenware usually unglazed. The typical firing temperature is around 800°C. They are heavy, brittle and don’t last long.

  3. Porcelain: Porcelain is a white clay body. The chemical composition of porcelain is a combination of clay, feldspar, silica and quartz, but other materials may be added. It is traditionally fired at high fire temperatures above 1260°C. The surface is generally very smooth, and the fineness of the clay used allows for intricate fine detail. Porcelain is a highly durable and hard. Harla Planters last for more than 15 Years.


We are banning plastics slowly, and we are potting plants in Plastic Pots. We came across this once and got to know that we did not create a proper solution for this. That is the inception of Harla.


Harla started from the idea of creating sustainable, beautiful homes for the nature, in our cute adobes.



Our vision is to motivate people to contribute to nature while they are moving forward and Helping them restore a little green in all the greys. We dream of making plants a part of everyone’s home. We want to make every person take plants into their lives very seriously. We want to everyone to have green spaces in their homes.



Ceramic Planters Design Studio


Scone Ceramics Pvt. Ltd.,

142/2, Kuntamukkala Village,

G. Konduru Mandal, Krishna Dt.,

Andhra Pradesh -521230 

Ph. No: +91-6304259171

Email ID: harla@sconeceramics.com

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