House Plant Care - Philodendron

House Plant Care - Philodendron

House Plant Care - Philodendron

Philodendron is the common name used for a group of species that are quite similar; included among the vining philodendrons are Scindopsus pictus, Philodendron hederoceum 'Brasil,' Philodendron hederoceum, and Philodendron hederoceum micans. Vining philodendrons look very much like pothos and require the same care.


Sustaining the Plant

Philodendrons can maintain a pleasing look with minimal light somewhere around 50 foot-candles. Provide barely and evenly moist soil with regular soil aeration to prevent stale pockets of moisture from wounds.


To Do: For Growth  

You can observe the growth when they are kept from 100 to 300 foot-candles. Above 300 up to about 800 foot-candles, there are chances of variegation. However, when philodendrons are exposed to direct sun for more than an hour or two, darker leaves may fade with a bleached look. For the betterment of the plant, protect it with the white sheer curtains from the attack of direct sun.


Soil Conditions

If there is ample sunlight, then keep the soil moist. If the soil is dry, leaves become floppy and dry. This should be immediately remedied by some soil aeration to loosen up the dry pockets, and saturating the soil. You can use a liquid fertiliser as directed when you notice vines putting out new leaves. Leaves should become perky again in a day or two.


More about Philodendrons

If your plant has been adjusting well, you might end up with some bare spots near the soil, as the outer parts of the vine remain lush. Just as with pothos, you can take cuttings, root them, and transplant them back into the main pot or individually start several smaller planters. These are excellent long-term house plants.


Philodendron hederaceum (Heartleaf philodendron) produces a lovely green leaf and prolific vines that are easy to propagate.


Philodendron Silver (Scindapsus pictus) has a lovely patter of silver flecks that glitter in bright light, some people call it as satin pothos due to its shiny textures.


Philodendron 'Brasil' is a cultivar of heartleaf philodendron that sports a yellow stripe with a seemingly random pattern.


Philodendron hederaceum micans also known as Velvet leaf philodendron, it has a thick velvety texture on them which can be felt by the touch on the leaf.