Extra Large Planters

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    Can be placed in the corners of large living spaces, corridors, commercial spaces and balconies. Imagine growing huge plants clubbed with many other smaller plants in different pots as a cluster in the midst of your home to create your own botanical or tropical garden and living under its shade. It adds a whole new dimension to your home.

    5 products
    White Grey Black
    Pheonix - Extra Large Planters
    from Rs. 7,599.00
    Charcoal Reality
    from Rs. 2,299.00
    White Black
    Misplaced Metaphor
    from Rs. 4,499.00
    White Black
    Comet's Sigh
    from Rs. 5,399.00
    White Grey Light Blue
    Dreamy Leaf
    from Rs. 5,999.00