Extra Large Planters

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    Can be placed in the corners of large living spaces, corridors, commercial spaces and balconies. Imagine growing huge plants clubbed with many other smaller plants in different pots as a cluster in the midst of your home to create your own botanical or tropical garden and living under its shade. It adds a whole new dimension to your home.

    5 products
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    Pheonix - Extra Large Planters
    from Rs. 7,599.00
    White Black
    Misplaced Metaphor
    from Rs. 4,499.00
    White Grey Blackberry Teal +1
    Charcoal Reality
    from Rs. 2,299.00
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    Dreamy Leaf
    from Rs. 5,999.00
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    Comet's Sigh
    from Rs. 5,399.00