Customer Care

If there are any queries regarding anything, you can write to us onΒ​

You can call us on +91-6304259171 - 24/7 for any queries.


Your shopping details, payment details and other personal details are safe with us. We will never share the details with any other third party for any work or benefits. We believe that once trust is lost, its impossible to gain back.


Its very important that how you are handling the ceramic planters. They are to be handling with superior grip as they are shiny and they easily slip from hands and might fall on your legs or on somebody. This might create severe injuries.

HANDLING BROKEN PLANTERS - If by any chance the planter gets broken and you are required to clean it; wear asbestos gloves or any thick leather gloves when working with hands. Broken Ceramics are very sharp and might cause deep skin cuts, if not handled with care.

We are not responsible for any mishandling, breakage of planters at your end, and any injuries caused due to improper handling of broken planters.