Our design style makes our products suitable for the modern, minimal, and contemporary spaces.

Harla Arts is a design firm into develops premium porcelain planters for the love of plants and nature. We believe that every object in our surroundings should spark joy in us for the looks of it and for the utility that it serves.

Harla’s Planters are crafted with the finest raw materials that are ethically sourced from the earth. Our products are natural, environment friendly and completely bio-degradable.​Porcelain bodies are harder to work on than regular ceramic, as the green body(unbaked form) is hard. It requires skill and precision to carve a beautiful planter out of this tenacious clay. Our artisans have spent years training with this material before they make a Harla planter.

Each handcrafted planter is then fired in our kiln at over 1250 degrees centigrade. The result is a porcelain planter that is far more durable, sturdy and finer in finish than other ceramic pots. You may notice minor imperfections on each planter, these are a testament not just to the uniqueness of your piece but also to the dedication of our skilled craftsmen for whom fashioning these planters by hand is a labour of love.

We are proudly Indian.

  • Eco-friendly

    All the products are natural, environment friendly and completely biodegradable.

  • Handmade

    As each planter is hand crafted our talented artisans, they are unique in their own way.

  • Made in India

    Everything from raw material to manpower is of an Indian origin

What is a good life?

A life filled with happiness, sharing, caring, love, and joy where every moment is cherished with family and friends in our beautiful home. Our home is a chest of memories and aspirations, where living and non-living thing around us, has something to tell us and we have something for them which cannot be expressed and can only be felt. The spaces we love to live, the corners that reflect our voices, the tables that made us stand, the shelves and walls that support us and speak for us, the light through the windows that brightens our mood, the feeling of oneness, togetherness and bonding is what our home is.

All these moments, times, and gestures are in our homes through your lifestyle with our family. A family is not just the people at your home, it's everything from a small planter to an extensive wardrobe. Build a good lifestyle.

Every object, every minute, every corner in our home has a special connection or a story or a memory. This story with every object and corner sparks joy and that only we own it. Harla wants us to build and hold numerous such memories in every space in your home and make our life so beautiful.

Meet the founder

Vijay, the founder of Harla Arts always wanted to innovate something new to express his love for nature. Being a ceramic enthusiast, Vijay has been experimenting with designs and patterns for a long time now. He always endured building something new and innovative. Thus, combing his love for nature with his knack for product design and development Vijay has built Harla Arts, a firm that crafts premium quality ceramic planters.