Corporate Gifting

The joy of gifting and sharing has come to us from our ancestors and its deeply imbibed in our culture. A celebration is not complete without gifting to our near, dear, important and loved ones. It is a gesture of inclusiveness. 

We are here to help you with bulk Gifting solutions for Festivals, Celebrations, Occasions and Events. We believe that the utility of the gift and conscious gifting is more important in the current global scenario. 

What's better than gifting a planter with a plant or gifting a beautiful planter which can house a happy plant of the receiver's choice. 

Budget: We have gifting options suitable for every budget.

Why Harla: Beautiful, Premium, Durable and a classic design planter which can be a good souvenir that last for a lifetime.

Customisation: Get the Logo of your Brand, Monogram of your occasion or celebration fired on the planter. The Logo or Monogram is Un-erasable and last for a lifetime. Minimum Order quantities apply and there are limitations to designs that can be fired on the planter.

Product: You can gift just the planter or planter along with a plant. 

Delivery: The gifts can be delivered directly to the end person with a note or to a designated location.

Lead Time: As all the products are handmade, the lead times vary according to the quantities on order and other customisation requests. So, please plan in advance. 

Contact: Mail at or call us on 6304259171