Do the planters have holes in the bottom for water drain?

Yes, they have holes in the bottom for excess water drain.


How many holes are provided in the bottom of the pot?

Depending upon the size of the pot, there are 1 to 3 holes in the bottom of the pot.


What are the different types of planters you make?

We make exclusive range of planters for Succulents, Hanging plants, Bonsai plants, Small, medium and large plants.


How are Harla’s planters different from other ceramic pots in the market?

Harla planters are the only porcelain planters in the country or one of the very few in the world. Porcelain is the hardest and most durable of all varieties of ceramics.


Why should I buy Harla Planters?

As the planters are made of porcelain, they are durable - they last for 20 years, maintenance free – just wipe with a cloth and its clean.


What is the life of a Harla Planter?

They last for at least 20 years.


Are these pots hand made?

Every step in the process is hand made. The piece is casted, hand finished, color sprayed, designed, moulded by experienced craftsmen in the workshop. Every single piece takes 6 days to come to life.


What are the different types of ceramics?

Porcelain, earthenware, and Terracotta are the different varieties of bodies used in making planters in the present market. Earthenware and terracotta are brittle, don’t last long, not a premium look, finish and touch; Whereas porcelain is durable, premium in looks and finish.


Do these planters break?

Yes, Ceramic is a material similar to glass, which will break with bad handling. Even though, Harla planters are the strongest planters in the country.


Why are Harla’s planters Costly?

Firstly, Design of the pot – Designing and building a new design, experimenting and building a new range involves lot of skilled people to work behind to create an extraordinary product; Secondly, Completely Handmade- Skilled and experienced craftsmen are very costly in the current market situation; Thirdly, In the process of making, only 65-70% make it to the final stage or output.


Do plants survive in Ceramic Planters?

Yes, absolutely.


Is the inside of the pot glazed or colored?



Does the color of the pot fade away?

Even Continuous exposure to sun, rain and harsh weather conditions doesn’t affect the pot life and color fading. It is the same on Day 1 and after 15 years.


Are the planters sold along with drain trays?

No, they are not sold along with drain trays. But they can be brought separately with the planters. Few designs, which have a seamless planter and drain trays embedded in the same style come along with the drain tray.


Where are these planters made?

The planters are designed, developed, made and packed at our Design House and Workshop in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.


What is the smallest pot you make?

The smallest pot is 3” x 3” in size.


What is the largest pot you make?

The largest pot is 28” x 24” in size.


Do the hanging planters come along with the hanging ropes?

Yes, they come along with the hanging ropes or wires convenient for hanging.


With what wood is wooden stand made?

Wooden stands for planters are made with Teak Wood and the polished and varnished to bring the shiny look.


Are the wooden stands sold separately?



Are these planters only for indoors?

These planters can be used at any place in your surroundings. Extreme heat and freezing cold will not damage the pot.


Are these planters Fire resistant?



Are these planters Frost Resistant?



Are the planters custom designed?

Yes, custom designing projects are taken in collaboration along with the project architect where the project demand is huge and when there is a scope to use our efforts and skills to make a difference.


Can custom colors be done?

Yes, any color can be developed. But we have a MOQ to serve it.


How many days does to take to work on Custom Designs or colors?

Depending upon the quantities and scope of the project, it takes a minimum of One month to a max of Five Months.


Why should I buy a ceramic Planters?

Plastic or Fibre planters get damaged over time with the weather conditions.

Plastics are not god for the nature. Ceramic planters are made from the basic earth clays which are mined from upper earth. They are eco friendly. As these are made by craftsmen, they provide employment to many in the cycle. And best of all, Harla’s planters designs are unique and premium in looks.


Why should I buy a planter?

Every corner of your space can be reimagined at your home with our beautiful planters, which bring a great value to your home. The planters will make you fall in love with those corners and the plants that carry. The plants in Harla planters add live to your adobe.


Why should I have a plant in my home?

There is no life on this planet without a plant. A plant in your home or your workspace, will make you feel active, alive and fresh, provide fresh oxygen, cleans air, build the environment’s mood, makes your time and life refreshing.