Bedroom Collection

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    Bedrooms are the spaces meant to loved. Every foot of space should have a memory or a story connected to it. It is a happy place, a peaceful space and a romantic space. Decorate it with a set up of simple planters with pleasant and lush leafy plants to make it your place of love.
    6 products
    White Ivory Grey
    from Rs. 1,299.00
    White Grey
    Precious Horcrux
    from Rs. 1,699.00
    White Grey Black
    Love Bite - With Wooden Stand
    from Rs. 2,599.00
    White Dark Green Aqua Green Sandle +2
    Fleeting Bliss
    from Rs. 2,590.00
    White Grey Sandle Aqua Green +3
    Crimson Sky - With Wooden Stand
    from Rs. 3,499.00
    White Black
    Gleaming Stars with Wooden Stand
    from Rs. 3,499.00