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Indoor plants are important for homes to make them look lively, happy and achieve the optimal atmosphere. Plants look great and they have health benefits that have been studied around the world. Whatever your unique reason for bringing indoor plants inside your homes, Harla Arts can provide the planters and plant decor to meet those needs and requirements.

In this new initiative, Harla want to help its customers by suggesting them with a wide range of indoor plants and decorating those plants with beautiful planters and related plant decor.

Ceramic planter in living room

To know more about indoor plant styling, you can call our helpline number and make your homes look lively and happy with Harla planters.

The Harla team of designers and plant decor experts have a true passion for plants and their styling. We are here to simplify your plant décor setup experience.

The practice of decorating your homes with indoor plants, means so much more than just placing a planter on the corner, or on a table, instead it calls for a thoughtful and purposeful placement of healthy plants especially selected to implement the needs of the space.


Office space decorated with plants and planters

The steps to making your home beautiful and happy,

  1. Reach out to us and let us know about your home space by sending images of the area you want to refresh.
  2. One of our designers will talk to you and understand your needs to help you with the right planters with the suitable plants. 

  3. We will prepare a few design plans for you to review, including photos of the plants and which planter will go with it. 

  4. We will seamlessly deliver your planters to your home and help you with the purchase of plants from the nearby best local plant nurseries. 

  5. We will also help you connect with people who can come and set things up for you at your place.
  6. Your customer service team member will always be available of you if you have any questions /requests.
  7. We are here to help you make the process of plant styling simpler, and help you make an informed decision, and we want to break the taboo that plants are difficult to maintain. This support is free of charge and all you pay is the price of planters you like to purchase for the setup.
  8. We aim to add 1000 happy house plant parents this year.

 Work desk green decor with Harla Arts