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10 Beautiful garden planters for your balcony

by Tejesh P on Jan 02, 2022

10 Beautiful garden planters for your balcony

Plants instantly add fresh vibrancy into a drab environment. Indoor plants are now used to bring colour and life to a room, balcony, garden, or even your favourite spots in the house.

When you place your plants in stylish planters, it pops up and enhances the beauty of the greenery. A well-chosen planter plays a vital role and easily captures the attention of passers-by. 


Here is a list of 10 beautiful garden planters to enhance the beauty of your balcony:

Hanging pots


                                         Hanging solitaires 

The plants would appear to be protruding from the wall. These appear like a fanciful constellation with darker walls and placed in a cluster. They are simple to hang and you can hang them without the fear of breaking at your balcony handrails.

Planters with wooden stand



For increased dimension, these planters have a basic cylindrical bowl and fluted body. It looks incredibly adaptable and beautiful when put on the wooden stand. This tone will enhance the decor of your home.

Plant on wheels


This planter comes with a benefit of mobility and can be your next best buddy for your balcony decor. This planter gives a vintage feel and is ideal for narrow balconies. The wheel stands are what set this apart.

Add some attitude planters

                                                                                                    Unwavered love

Got some space on your balcony? 

Add a planter with a personality. In this planter, you may put any prickle plants to make the balcony  appear humorous and cool. This planter will add funny and quirky vibes to your balcony.

Succulent garden on the railing


A rectangular metal box filled with your favourite plants in various planters would look great on an urban balcony. Choose planters with different colours to add some colorful vibes to it.

Golden rounded planter


This golden circular planter, one of the most popular of all time will undoubtedly get you more compliments. The black and gold combo will instantly brighten your mood and is an ideal choice for your balcony.

Planter with motif


                          Dreamy Leaf

Who doesn’t love motifs, especially planters with a motif? This planter is designed to hold the large plants seen in nurseries and can be used on balconies and even in hallways and doorways.

Ceramic hanging planter


Add some birds to your balcony. This hanging planter comes in the shape of a bird. It’s both appealing and useful, you can effortlessly hang it from your balcony railings or from the ceiling.

Trellis planter


Place this planter on one of your balcony’s sides, it creates a great trellis for hanging plant pots or training plants growing in the long platter in the center.

Hanging flower pot


This hanging pot supports a variety of plants. It’s UV-resistant and made of strong plastic, with a variety of bright and vibrant colours to choose from. If you want to save space for your balcony then this can be the ideal choice for you.

So what’s stopping you from using these lovely planters to decorate your balcony? You can even order these beautiful planters here at HarlaArts from the comfort of your home. 

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