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5 Ceramic Planters to spruce up your Home Decor

by Vijay Krishna on Mar 25, 2022

5 Ceramic Planters to spruce up your Home Decor

The narrative of potters dates back to the 1700s during the ancient Egyptian civilization when they first made the flower pot to make plants transferable from one place to another. However, the idea of using such pots as planters to germinate indoor plants emerged only during the Victorian era which inaugurated the concept of house plants. In recent times, millennials as well as the zoomers of the 21st century have assumed different roles to express their love for plants and gardening. They are eager to make the new generation realize the evergreen benefits of greenery by assuming the roles of plant influencers, plant moms and gardening enthusiasts.

We at Harla Arts have assumed the responsibility of supporting their cause by developing premium ceramic planters that are perfect in expressing their love for plants as well as the mother earth. We attempt to cherish the traditional essence of mother earth with a design and style that is suitable for modern, minimal, and contemporary spaces. Our clean, often abstract, planters are carefully crafted by our artisans with the finest raw materials that are ethically sourced from the earth. All the products that are available with us are natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable making them far more earth-friendly.

The ‚Äčceramic bodies of the Harla Planters are harder compared to the regular planters, as the green body is quite hard to work on. Our trained artists apply their years of experience and perception of aesthetics to craft durable, sturdy and fine¬†ceramic planters that caress plants like a tiny toddler. The minor imperfections on each of our planters are left without being brushed off as they serve as a testament to our uniqueness as well as to the dedication of the¬†skilled craftsmen who fashion these planters by hand through a labour of love and affection.¬†

Harla Arts tend to draw inspiration from every nook of life. Be it the waves of the Maldives or the vogue of the retro; every bit has something to offer, something to inspire. This is what makes us collect, combine and craft the finest planters that suit the mood and momentum of contemporary life.

Here are 5 planters that are easy to incorporate and easily spruce up your space.

Balmy Waves


Harla’s range of balmy wave planters is inspired by the cold waves of the ocean in the pleasantly warm weather. The motive of the collection is to provoke every individual plant lover to experience the feeling of rejoicing in beach life. The beauty of the planter lies in the play between reality and the illusions that reality can create. The shadows of the design can cheer up your mood with different looks that mimic the waves of the sea. There lies a variety in size too-small, medium and large and they come along with a drain tray.


Comet's Sigh


Setting their eyes upon the large size metal vase with a narrow neck made of the brass found in ancestral homes, our artisans have wrought the Comet's Sigh. These were earlier used to carry water from the well and store it for drinking. The bottom might speak for its name since this planter is engraved with checks to show the value of the life enshrined upon it. These flamboyant planters provide that regal look to the otherwise simple entrance of your house. 


Dark affinity

Here come the sculptural pillars in ancient Roman architecture whose inspiration has led to the formation of the dark affinity planters, attached to a pedestal stand for added dimension. A family of these planters might bring out a distinctive beauty within your living space. Putting up a family of planters of Dark affinity might weave a story at a small corner of your house -a story that you can pass on generations after generations. 

Charcoal Reality

The design of our Charcoal Reality replicates the basic cement pots that have occupied our corridors and entrances of our neighbourhoods for a long time. This old school design exerts a distinctly retro vibe that further lifts the modern look of your home. Further, it might also make the millennials rejoice in their childhood days.


Dreamy leaf


Who doesn't love motifs, the motifs of everyday life that we have grown up seeing? We have brought that back for you. The leaf motifs of the dreamy leaf planters might make you recall the painted walls of your childhood. These planters bear the motif of huge leaves found in the nurseries. Such clove motifs are best suited for your balconies or corridors and entrances and can be a source of good luck to glam up your life. 

Home is the only space that you can walk to when every other thing has shut itself up to you. The way a home endows us with every possible need should be wholeheartedly treasured. Yet at times the anxieties of contemporary living stain the space with an incomprehensible gloom without us getting a sense of it. This is when green therapy serves as a remedy to uplift the mood of our sweet home. Modern-day apartment setups of geometric lines and shapes, subtlety and sophistication, minimalism and monochrome, simplicity and texture don't leave enough space for putting up a garden. This very limitation has brought planters and indoor setups of greenery into Vogue. The fuss is now about mini-gardens on small terraces or the patio. Even your tiny balcony has a place to serve. After all, less is more.

We at Harla Arts greatly believe in the prominence and primacy of every sweet home sweet. In our eyes home is a chest of memories where things, be it living or non-living, have stories to tell which cannot be expressed but only felt. Every nook and corner echoes a voice, every wall reflects rays of hope promoting a feeling of oneness, a sense of togetherness and bonding. The moments, the times, the gestures of the members leave behind impressions of love, affection and caresses. With our wide range of planters, we aim to become the bearers of good strokes of love, care and success.

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