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Does color of planter container matter

by Tejesh P on Jan 02, 2022

Does color of planter container matter

Does color of planter container matter?

So, you have decided to set up your next planter but not sure which color you should go for? Undoubtedly the color of the planter impacts the soil temperature and in turn impacts how the plants grow.

There is a lot that goes into consideration in making this key decision, from deciding what color would suit the plant and the area, would it catch the eye balls of the visitors and much more. Don’t worry we have got you covered!

Read on to know some amazing tips and tricks to choose the best color of the planter.

Is the color of the planter important?

For nurseries and commercial growers, planter colors have a variety of impacts. For nurseries, even a little factor like pot color has a significant impact. 

                                                         Fleeting Bliss 

But If you’re a home gardener, go for white and fibre pots. Your plants will still thrive if you use terracotta or other hues. For any heat-sensitive plants, lighter hues are essential, especially if they are placed outdoors in hot weather or in direct sunlight.

Most popular colors for planters


                                                                    Precious Horcrux

Gray is often thought of as an ‘industrial hue’, which is ideal for anybody wanting to design in the ever-popular industrial style. Gray is a neutral hue in a manner that is neither white or black. Gray is hue that is typically associated with concealing.


                                                                                                                 Misplaced Metaphor

The richness and beauty of black will draw attention in the same way that a bright, vivid yellow would. The black planter, on the other hand, exudes the sleek, futuristic aesthetic that many interior designers favour.




White is simple, fresh, and adaptable. White will counteract this while also striking out from the background and drawing attention to itself. A white planter may be utilized to attract attention to the room’s key areas.

How to pick a color scheme?


Most people think of fall when they see warm hues. Oranges, deep reds, and soothing greens, these colours have a sense of familiarity about them that instantly makes any area feel more cosy and welcome than other hues.


Less is more! Minimalism has been more popular in recent years. Whites and pastels make rooms appear immensely larger, and in locations where rooms are tiny or cramped, making them appear larger than they are may be really beneficial.


The importance of maintaining a balance cannot be overstated. A room with too many bright colours may appear unprofessional, whereas a room with too many dark hues may appear dull and unwelcoming. Accents can be used as a middle ground to achieve a decent balance.

The Bottom Line

I hope that the above points are enough for you to get started with the colors of your planters. If you’re looking for planters for your home, check out HarlaArts, they have some amazing range of planters with some eye-catching hues.

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