House Plant Care - Chinese Evergreen

by Vijay Krishna

Chinese Evergreen is also called as Aglaonema and a highly used decorative plants in India. They are known for the sturdy growth in the Indian climatic conditions. They are available in multiple foliage colour varying from dark green to silver and with a few hints of red.

They are most suitable plants for indoors, because they cannot tolerate direct sunlight and they grow bushy.


Varigated varieties require brighter light than the dark green varieties. Both varieties cannot tolerate direct sun. Variegated varieties can be placed at any place from where they can see bright light, and dark green variety can thrive at low light corners.


Frequently water them during the summer to keep the soil a bit moist. Don't over water them. Don't let the soil dry out completely. Reduce the watering in the winters, but give little water at timely intervals and maintain warmth and moisture.


Well draining and loose soil mix is perfect for aglaonemas. Add compost or liquid fertiliser during the growing season.





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