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House Plant care - Monstera

by Vijay Krishna on Aug 08, 2021

House Plant care - Monstera

Attracted by is extraordinary leaf patterns, it is considered the most beautiful house plant among plant parents. The plant looks free spirited, expressive, vibrant and out-going and so it catches the eye. Monsteras in our Pheonix Large Ceramic planter is a beautiful statement plant and planter setup for your homes.

The plant through evolution has developed fenestrations in its leaves to prevent damage from winds and heavy downpour in the tropical forests and it is also a light capturing technique to have bigger leaves to capture sunlight in the rain forests.

Monstera in a contemporary setting


Monstera’s like to have good light as the leaves are big and need good light for photosynthesis. Ideally a good view of the sky with bright indirect light is good for the plant. If you are placing it away from the window, you might be starving the plant with love and not killing it.


With the apt sun light the plant will use up the moisture in the soil quickly and hydrate the soil when the top few inches of the soil is dry. Don't let the pot sit in the water as the roots might rot and the plant might become week.

If the leaves are yellow, then the plant is not getting enough light and if the leaf tips are brown, then its over watering. Aerate the soil once in 15 days.


They love their soil to be loose and aerated. A soil mix with Coco peat, perlite and vermiculite is suitable for the plant. They generally come in big pots, so the nutrients last for long time. You can add fertiliser during the growing season.


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