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House Plant Care - Birds Nest Fern

by Vijay Krishna on Aug 30, 2021

House Plant Care - Birds Nest Fern

Birds nest ferns are epiphytic by nature, meaning they grow on the surface of other plants. They take the humidity from the tree and shaded light from the branches and the leaves. These ferns are beautiful and conservationists boast of really large plants.

The trick for healthy and robust bird’s nest fern is providing the similar environment with good moisture and light. One of the best places is to put the plant on a shelf or window sill in the washroom.


They love filtered light or shade light. They cannot tolerate direct sun. Place them near the north facing window. Ideal plants to grow in beach towns. You will not see much growth if placed in low light spots. Use a humidifier during the winters to help the plant thrive.


Don’t water them into the nest, it might cause rot or molds. Water them in the soil. Always try to keep the soil moist.


Plant this beauty in a free, loose, rich organic compost or coco-peat and compost or 2:1 coco-peat and perlite. Don't fertilise the plant in the nest. You the fertilise the plant by adding a weak balanced fertiliser once in a month during growing season.



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