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House Plant Care - Money Tree

by Vijay Krishna on Jul 23, 2021

House Plant Care - Money Tree

Money tree (Pachira aquatica) is a wonderful low-light plant. It is raised by grouping and braiding typically 3-5 stems to make the plant look more vibrant and form a structure of a tree.

Money tree’s stems grow taller. The lower leaves fall off and new growth excites you continuously. They last longer than other plants.


Money tree can survive low light conditions, but there might not be much growth and the lower leaves might fall off. The plant can only sustain leaves proportionate to the sunlight it gets. Put the plant at a place where it can see sunlight or a window and you can witness decent growth. It can tolerate direct sunlight for sometime.



Money tree hates over watering. Let the soil dry before watering it again. Check the soil before watering and aerate the soil once in a month. It can handle moisture in soil but don't drench it in water as a part of watering the plant.



Money tree love airy soil mix. You can use coco peat, perlite and vermiculite mix.



Money tree grows taller. Eventually there comes a necessity to give the stem a support stick. You can also prune the plant to the required height. You can prune the plant stem by stem in a staggered way so that the statement plant and planter does not look odd. You can prune where the braid ends and in a month or two you can witness new stems start emerging. When these stems grow, you can prune the other stems.





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