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House Plant Care - Oxalis

by Vijay Krishna on Jul 15, 2021

House Plant Care - Oxalis

Oxalis is a beautiful purple plant and would be a colourful and classy addition to your home garden. They have three leaves to one stem and they work like an umbrella. They bloom up in the daytime and wilt down in the nights. They are aware about the length of time they spent in the night and then they slowly open up in the daytime. They grow from the bulbs in the soil.


The plant dries up and dies if adequate lighting is not available. Give them moderate indirect light, they should be fine. When placed in direct sunlight, they grow well but the interval of watering should be increased as the soil dries out sooner.


Water the plant before the soil dries out. They are delicate plants and so both under watering and over watering will affect the plant growth. You can fertilise the soil when you see new stems grow.

Other information:

As oxalis stems grow from bulbs in soil, don't worry if the plant dies. The plant can come back to life if you repot them, aerate the soil and water them judiciously.

A regular potting mix with coco peat, perlite and vermiculite will allow good growth. Soak the soil immediately if you see the plant wilting in the daytime.



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