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House Plant Care - Peace Lily

by Vijay Krishna on Jul 15, 2021

House Plant Care - Peace Lily

Peace lilies are great statement flowering plants for homes.


Placing them in low light corners will not help them grow good. If you would like to see them bloom, then place them close to the window where they can get moderately good indirect light. It will allow balanced watering frequency and growth.


When the soil become dry, the leaves of peace lilies will wilt completely. Drenching the soil will bring it back to normal. They love the soil to be moist.

Other Measures:

If given adequate light, peace lilies bloom 2 times in a month. Cut the yellow leaves so that new leaves can grow.

Looking at the blooms to emerge and grow is the most exiting thing in the life of peace lily plant. When the plant is happy with the conditions, and good number of leaves have crowded the stem, then new growth emerges as a rolled leaf and a flower bud pops up when the leaf is tall enough.

The bloom last for a few weeks and they slowly turn green and then brown. You can then clip of the spent bloom and wait for the new growth.





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