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Large garden pots

by Tejesh P on Jan 02, 2022

Large garden pots

Large garden pots

Large garden planters require a large and special place in your home. 

Trying to get large planters but confused where to plant? Let me tell you, you are not alone. We all go through this when it comes to large planters. 


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Don’t worry, we have got you covered. From large planters design to where to place them and what are advantages of large garden planters.

So let’s dive deeper!

Benefits of decorating your home with large planters

Enhance your property

The size of your property’s front reflects the extent of its curb appeal. So, adorning it with magnificent giant pots filled with a variety of flowers or plants makes it more intriguing and visually appealing.

Improve the quality of air

Fresh oxygen is abundant in plants and trees. They remove large quantities of contaminants from the air and breathe in carbon dioxide, which improves air quality. Bamboo palm, snake plant, peace flower, and garden mum are just a few examples of air-purifying plants that can be grown in large outdoor containers.

Maintains indoor temperature

Even as the outside temperature rises throughout the summer, a home surrounded by lush vegetation stays cooler on the inside because the shrubs and plants insulate the yard and other outside sections from heat drains. 

It makes your garden spacious

Your home’s or property’s garden will appear more spacious and tidy if you hang huge container plants outdoors from your fence or arrange them to make a vertical gardening show. Because small gardens lack adequate light, choose plants that flourish in low or no light, such as dracaena, creeping fig, and parlour palm.

5 Ways for using large garden planters

Front door framing

This home entry has a tropical vibe to it and is wonderfully framed by enormous potted plants.

Window flower box

The installation of a window flower box container is a terrific idea to enhance curb appeal to your property. 

Act as an art piece 

In a serene garden, a large garden container serves as an art piece. 

Entry walkway

The walkway of your home can be lined with large garden planters. This enhances the beauty of the frontway of your home.  

Interior decor

Last but not the least, large garden planters can also be used to amp your interiors.  

The bottom line

I hope the above ideas can help you to start off if you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home with large garden planters. You can check out a wide range of large planters at HarlaArts and amp up your decor game. 

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