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Wooden planters online

by Tejesh P on Jan 02, 2022

Wooden planters online

         Wooden planters online

   If you don’t have a lot of space then a wooden planter can be used to provide a bed for growing plants and vegetables.


According to your needs, you may modify your wooden planter to fit any corner. It may also be stained any colour and won’t decay because it’s constructed of pressure-treated wood. 

What are the advantages of wooden planters?


One of the main advantages of wooden planter boxes is their portability. You can simply relocate them from one location to another because they are not as heavy as concrete planter boxes. It may be placed in the garden, patio, shade, open area, or on a deck with ease. 

Durability of wood

The type and grade of wood used to build a wooden planter box determines its longevity. So, when choosing a wooden box, one of the most important elements to consider is that it should be excellent quality and survive for a long time. One of the greatest timbers for making planter boxes is redwood. 

Appropriate soil

Different types of soils are required for different types of plants to reach their maximum potential. When you put any plant in a wooden planter, you can use the appropriate soil for the plant because the soil dries up faster when cultivating plants in a wooden planter. 

What plants are suitable for wooden planters?













Why do people prefer wooden planters over ceramic planters? 

  • Wooden planters are available in a range of woods and colours, including cedar, redwood, teak.
  • Plants' roots are protected from the heat of the summer sun by using wood planters.
  • Because redwood and cedar planters are not resistant, they may be used without painting.
  • It offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to mixing other elements like seats, trellises, and storage. 

The bottom line

If you want wooden planter boxes, the above mentioned recommendations will help you to add wood planters in your garden. If you’re looking for some amazing planters then HarlaArts is the place for you.













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