House Plant Care - Snake Plant

House Plant Care - Snake Plant

By Vijay Krishna

House Plant Care - Snake Plant

This plant is also known as Sansevieria genus, commonly called the snake plant. Snake plants prefer dry soil. Therefore, you need not water it frequently. There are myriad species available to collect, so there's the excitement of rarity. This plant is very comfortable to grow indoors.


Sustaining the Plant

People started labelling them as a "thrives in low light" kind of plant. Snake plants are often relegated to windowless corners. The plant starves in 50 foot candles. After weeks of bone dry soil, you can give the soil a complete soaking and then put the plant near a window getting 300 or more foot-candles. Let it remain there for weeks until it dries up again.


To Do: For growth

Giving snake plants enough light to grow is easy because of the wide range of acceptable light intensities. They will be happy with as low as 100 foot-candles and as high 1000 foot-candles. The bright indirect light is preferred, as they fade away when it gets exposed to the direct sun without any blockage.


Soil Conditions

It has water in its thick leaves, so the soil can be left bone dry in between the water frequencies. Whenever you water it’s a good idea to gently aerate the soil to ensure that water penetrates as evenly as possible. If the snake plant leaves appear wrinkly, immediately, you should give the soil a good soaking. Because snake plants can handle prolonged dry soil, it tends to form clumps that are difficult to remoisten. It’s better to repot if we haven’t changed the soil over a year. Use a typical potting mix with coarse sand added or premade 'cactus' mix will suffice which can be easily drainable.


More about Snake Plant

A nursery-grown, usually a tall plant will have strong, broad leaves, like swords. After a year or two, under 100 foot-candle light indoors; you may notice that new leaves will not be wide. After several years, some of the oldest leaves will flop over and bend permanently, even if you give the soil a good soaking. Still you find it unattractive, you may cut off the leaves.