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House Plant Care - Snake Plant

by Vijay Krishna on Sep 02, 2021

House Plant Care - Snake Plant

Snake plants or Sanseveria’s are one of the easiest plants to grow for the new plant parents. They come in different varieties, colours and sizes and they are a beautiful indoor plants to have in any lighting conditions in any corner of your home.


Snake plant has become a well know plant in India for it being a NASA recommended indoor plant and for being able to tolerate low light. They grow well when they are placed near the window or a place where they can see light. They can sustain in very low light places for short duration but permanently placing them in such places can kill the plant.


They can be left without water for a couple of weeks or until it is bone dry. Please water them thoroughly after a prolonged dryness and place them near the window. The leaves of snake plant contains a lot of water so they can withstand long phases with our water. Aerate the soil when watering after the soil gets compact. If the plant leaves seem wrinkled, then immediately soak it nicely with water.


A well draining soil mix with coarse sand or a cactus mix works well for snake plant.




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