House Plant Care - ZZ Plant

House Plant Care - ZZ Plant

House Plant Care - ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is a low-light succulent that tolerates a great range of light levels and soil compactness. It's growth is fascinating to watch a progression from the bud to a fully spread frond. The plant is a slow grower; you can hardly find 2-3 buds in each year. I'd recommend looking for a specimen before you buy this, that has a few unopened stems.


Sustaining the Plant 

This is another candidate for thrives in low light. ZZ plant turns into a green statue if you provide light less than 50 foot-candles. Since the bulbous base of the stem can store a large amount of water, the soil can be left completely dry for months. You may cut some of the yellow turned stems around a week. You might experience fewer yellowed stems if you aerate the soil occasionally. Aeration is required more often than watering the plant. At the odd times you do water, if you bring the soil to saturation, it would be wise to move the plant right up to a window for a few days so that the water can be utilized. Leave the plant at the position where you can feel the light through a window, then you can have greenly results.


To Do: For Growth

The plant will grow just fine anywhere from 100 to 1000 foot-candles. The greater the light intensity results sooner the dryness of soil, which is the right time to water. Since the ZZ plant is tolerant of compacted soil, you can loosen it carefully every other watering. Avoid poking around too close to the stems; accidentally you might pierce the thick underground rhizomes. Found a new stem! Time to fertilize your plant!


More about ZZ Plant 

In lower light, the ZZ plant can act like a green statue, hardly growing but with very little decay. You'll enjoy new stems as older ones flop over when it is kept under bright indirect light. Some may turn yellow or brown, just cut them off. Refreshing the soil every few years will help keep things going.