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What are Bottomless Planters?

by Tejesh P on Jan 02, 2022

What are Bottomless Planters?

What are bottomless planters?

A planter that rests around flowers or herbs, allowing them to root naturally while giving a decorative accent.


Bottomless container gardening is an excellent technique to release those dormant roots in your planters. Instead of surrounding the dirt in pots, it allows the roots to grow down in the ground. Plants deep tap roots, in particular, thrive in the newfound depth. 

If you have got rocky and compacted soil in your garden then add bottomless plant pots in your yard. Bottomless planters can also help xeric plants that are suffering from too much rain.

What are the benefits of bottomless planters?

  • Plants will develop to their greatest capacity if they are planted directly in the ground.
  • Instead of filling your open bottom pots with hefty bags of top soil and foregoing hand feeding and annual repotting, simply plant your flowers and watch them flourish.
  • Because there is no stagnant water at the bottom of your pot, the roots keep moist but do not rot, and the plant grows without the need for human intervention.
  • The perimeter barrier provides some protection to the target plants from invasive plant species and pests.

Here’s how you can create and use bottomless planters


  • You’ll need a plastic pot that’s at least 10 inches deep, potting soil and compost, a towel or shovel, and a box cutter to make your bottomless planter. 
  • With a box knife, cut out the bottom of the container. Place the cylinder among your other plants in the garden or in a different area of the yard.
  • Dig up the grass before placing your container if it will sit on grass. 
  • Fill it with potting soil and compost, add plants and water them well.

Why do you need bottomless planters?

It allows the plants to spread their roots out as far as they wish. Bottomless container gardening is a proven approach to provide your plants a healthier habitat. 

Happy Bottomless Planting!

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